Project financed with the support of RO10-CORAI, 2009-2014 EEA Grants funded program managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.


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The date of 2 April designates World Autism Awareness Day, in which everywhere around the world, organizations and foundations that support and promotes the cause of the peers who suffer from autism, organizes and develops events in the purpose of raising awareness of the autism issue. According to studies done by The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control from Atlanta, USA, published on March, 2014, 1 of 68 people suffers from this disorder, fact, which leads to making a priority of this subject within the healthy policies of many states.

This year, with the occasion of April 2nd, the organization Romanian Angel Appeal, along with the cinema Hollywood Multiplex, organizes an innovative event from a socio-cultural perspective, with focus on the problem of people who suffer from autism, cause which our foundation supports.


Thus, starting with 31 March and ending with 2 April, for 3 days, within the film short-festival entitled “Beautiful Minds Days” at Hollywood Multiplex, Mall Vitan, 3 movies will be played, that reflect the issue of autistic spectrum disorder.  From the desire of spreading knowledge and the awareness brought upon the lard audience regarding the difficulties and the needs of the people who suffers from ASD, Romanian Angel Appeal invites you to participate at this event, the entrance is free, and the schedule of the movies being the following:

Thursday, 31 March, 6 pm – A Brilliant Young Mind

Hiding in the safeness of his inner world, Nathan struggles to communicate with people, but he often ends up chasing away the ones who try to get near him, including his mother, Julie. Nathan finds comfort and security in numbers and math. Tutored by an eccentric teacher, it is clear the fact that his talent will help him participate at the international Olympics.

  • Duration: 1h 51 min;
  • Genre: Drama;


Friday, 1 April, 11 am – Extremely Loud and Incredible Close

The story of a 9 year old boy, Oskar Schell, a special boy and very sensitive, who loses his father in the tragic events on 11 September, 2001. After the loss of his father-mentor and best friends, Oskar finds in his things, a mysterious key and a name. The adventure of searching the owner of the key is Oskar’s battle with his limitations and an unique way of recovering lost relationships.

  • Duration: 2 h 9 min;
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mystery


Saturday, 2 April, 3 pm – Fly away


Jeanne is a single mother, of whose daughter, Mandy, is very affected by autism. Growing up, the way things used to work are not the same now, and the solutions found by Jeanne fail. Mandy becomes harder and harder to control, and Jeanne feels her entire life is slipping through her hands. Jeanne has 2 weeks to make the most difficult decision as a parent: to let the child go, allowing her to develop, but to depart from her or to maintain Mandy close, risking collapsing together. To manage her 15 years old daughter, Jeanne herself became dysfunctional, neglecting her business, the relationships with others, the relationships with other people, and giving up even sleep, because Mandy has nightmares. However, their relationship is hard to dismantle, because one depends on the other, and vice-versa.

  • Duration: 1h 25 min;;
  • Genre: Drama


The short-festival will be preceded by 3 events:


First – a meeting with the typical students, organized in a public mass school – meeting in which will be approached pupils knowledge regarding ASD, perceptions about differences, notions related to friendship.


The second event consists in approaching employers from various large enterprises and the investigation of perceptions and knowledge regarding autism.


The third event is made up by a meeting with the press on April 2nd, after the projection of the movie Fly Away.


The short-festival is part of the Awareness Campaign organized within the Project ŢMASPA- measurements for promoting non-discrimination and social inclusion in the scholar environment, community, and on the label market for people with autism(ASD), especially focusing on Rome community.


The project’s purpose is represented by the stimulation of developing initiatives for reducing inequality and prevention of social exclusion in schools, community, and on the label market of children and people with disorders from ASD, especially of those who are part of Romani community.



The project “MASPA-measurements for promoting non-discrimination and social inclusion in the scholar environment and on the label market for people with autism (ASD), especially focusing on Rome community is implemented by Romanian Angel Appeal, Iceland Autistic Society- Einverfusamtokin from Island, General Direction of Social Assistance of Bucharest, General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Services Arad, and General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Services Galati.


The project was commenced at 8 April 2015, it has a timeline of 13 months and is developed with the financial support of the Program RO10-CORAi financed by the Grants SEE 2009-2014 and governed by the Romanian Fund of Social Development. The total value of the project is of 1.270.745 lei, from which 1.143.221 lei irredeemable financing and 127.524 lei co-financing.



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