Project financed with the support of RO10-CORAI, 2009-2014 EEA Grants funded program managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.


Within MASPA project – Measures to promote non-discrimination and social inclusion in schools, community and labor market for people with autism focusing on the roma communities  it was organized by the  Romanian Angel Appeal, the promoter of this program, a training course for volunteers for the camps that will be organized under the project.

The course took place in Bucharest and had a duration of 3 days (5-7 July) and the goal was to train the volunteers on a non-formal way to work with children affected by ASD in the summer camps organized at a later date.

The structure of every day had a duration of 8 hours, while volunteers had the opportunity both to learn multiple theoretical aspects related to autism spectrum disorders and behavioural management methods for this condition, but also to had the opportunity to learn by doing different activities for children that will be organized in the camp.

In those 3 days the volunteers had developed numerous activities that stimulate creativity (painting, drawing, group games). Also, many of the activities undertaken in class have stimulated teamwork (to sketch the perfect volunteer/animator, organizing group activities for children and simulate them) which strenghtened relationships between volunteers.

The course had two trainers, one for each part (theoretical and practical), and the number of volunteers who have participated in this course was X. At the end of this course, all volunteers have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to assist and coordinate in an enjoyable and non-formal manner autistic children throughout camps.